Certificate Of Incorporation

Robendy Inc., incorporated on August 30, 2021, under the Canada Business Corporations Act, proudly registers its patent for a 9-DEGREE WRIST FREEDOM ROBOT, showcasing its commitment to advancing medical technology.

Robendy Inc., a dynamic and innovative startup, proudly registers under the Canada Business Corporations Act with the corporate name “Robendy Inc.” (Corporation number: 1330470-1). Established on August 30, 2021, under the directorship of Raymond Edwards, the company is authorized to issue an unlimited number of common shares, as specified in its Articles of Incorporation. The startup’s commitment to precision and advancement is further exemplified in its patent application (PCT/IB2021/053185) for a groundbreaking 9-DEGREE WRIST FREEDOM ROBOT FOR SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS, showcasing its dedication to pushing the boundaries of medical technology. The incorporation and patent signify Robendy Inc.’s emergence as a pioneering force in the healthcare industry.