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What Is Robendy?

Introducing Robendy, a groundbreaking 9-degree freedom surgery robot revolutionizing precision in medical procedures. With unparalleled speed, accuracy, and adaptability, Robendy empowers surgeons to navigate blind spots effortlessly, offering a range of sizes for diverse surgeries. Welcome to the future of surgical innovation.


9 Degrees of Freedom

Revolutionize surgery with 9 Degrees of Freedom—unmatched precision and seamless maneuverability for groundbreaking procedures.


High-Speed Operation

Precision at your fingertips: our surgical innovation offers seamless remote control, enhancing flexibility for surgeons.


Blind Spot Access

Seamlessly access critical blind spots in procedures with our innovative technology. Enhance precision and elevate surgical outcomes with ease.

Enhancing surgical efficiency

Our system is specifically engineered to assist surgeons with high-speed and seamless operations, ensuring optimal efficiency in the operating room.

With the ability to perform rotation motions at any angle, our solution offers unmatched flexibility, enabling surgeons to adapt to the unique demands of each procedure.

High-speed precision and versatility in surgery

Robendy is known for its high-speed precision and exceptional versatility. With precise rotational motions, angle adjustments, and control over diameter and transverse motion, Robendy sets new standards in surgical robotics.

Advantages of Robendy include its swift and accurate wrist ligament movements, 9 degrees of freedom for effortless mobility, and the ability to rotate medical instruments for enhanced visibility. It is available in various sizes, catering to a wide range of surgical procedures from micro to centimeter-scale.